We all love a clean house. But cleaning can be such a chore! It’s messy, time consuming, and unpleasant. You spend hours scrubbing-it’s a drag on your time, and creates strain on your back. We get it.

Steam cleaners are a great new way to clean quickly and efficiently-all while saving your time and your back. Steam cleaners are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from handheld units to full-size canister cleaning systems for your whole house.

This site is designed to help you get the best steam cleaner for your money.

You’ll find lots of uses for steam cleaners around your house. Some of our favorite cleaning tasks to use a steam cleaner on:

  • cleaning tile grout
  • sanitizing
  • cleaning kitchen grease
  • hard water deposits
  • the car interior

Steam cleaners are simple to use, and effective on pretty much any mess!

They also save you money. While a steam cleaner can be an expensive initial investment, consider all the money you spend on cleaners, paper towels, brushes, buckets, etc. You probably have a separate bottle of cleaner for your toilet, your shower, your kitchen, your floors, as well as general wipes and sprays. A steam cleaner is a simple, efficient way to replace all those cleaners in one sweep!

As you can see, steam cleaners are touted as the next big thing on the home cleaning market. And if you seen the advertisements, you’d be hard pressed to find a surface that isn’t touted as steam-cleanable.

However-the market can be super confusing. There are all sorts of cleaners available, and they all claim to work wonders. It’s tricky to understand what each steam cleaner will actually do.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you sort through confusing reviews and recommendations.

In our guides, you’ll find practical advice on what to expect from a steam cleaner. We’ve compared the advertised results with what consumers’ actual experiences. We’ve also researched product features, and read expert reviews from Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports and more. Our reviews break down all the important features and show you exactly how each steam cleaner can help you around the house.

As a general rule, we found that steam cleaners work very well if you follow instructions and keep realistic expectations. At the bottom of our guides, you’ll find tips, FAQ’s, and advice on how to get the best results from your new steam cleaner!

Who we are:

We’re homeowners and house cleaners just like you. As your fellow shoppers, we know firsthand how confusing the steam cleaner market can be. That’s why we started this site, to help everyone else make sense of what’s available.

Our process is simple. We go shopping ourselves, and spend the time to read hundreds of user reviews, tutorials, and review features in leading periodicals.

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